Why You Never Overfill Your Vape Tank

Let’s be honest, refilling your vape tank is a pain and you may be tempted to fill it up with as much liquid as possible just so you can avoid having to do it again.  That is a bad idea and there is a reason why you never overfill your vape tank.  Let’s look at the fill line and why you should pay attention to it.

The Fill Line

The fill line is the visible line in the tank that indicates how much e-Juice that should go into your vape pen.  If you have bought a new vape kit or changed the tank then the fill line might be different.  The fill line can vary from tank to tank.  If you happen to buy a tank that doesn’t have a visible fill line then don’t let the liquid go past the top of the chimney nor below it.

Many people who regularly vape are completely unaware that they even have a fill line in the tank.  Half the time they end up either putting too much liquid in the tank or alternatively not enough.  Putting too much liquid in the tank can cause your tank to leak , the e-liquid can end up leaking and coming out the tip of your vape.  That is not only unpleasant it can end up damaging your vape.

Extending the Life of Your Vape

If you want your vape pen to last as long as possible, and who doesn’t, that means paying attention to the fill line when you are filling up the tank.  A properly filled tank will give you the perfect hit each time you use your vape.  You want the right flavor when you use your vape pen and the best way to do that is with proper ratios.  When you fill the tank in your vape take the time to do it slowly and pay close attention to not going beyond the fill line.

Vape stores see a lot of customers coming in with a vape pen that isn’t working and most of the time it is caused by not filling the tank properly.  These customers usually end up having to buy a new vape pen.  Not only will proper filling extend the life of your vape it also gives your vape a better taste and the perfect hit each and every time.  Hopefully you learned a thing or two and there will be no more overfilling.