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Latest Edition: June 2016


You are most heartily welcome to the UK Cigar Scene the new free monthly on-line magazine.

When the smoking ban took effect in July 2007 many bars, clubs and restaurants just put up the no smoking signs and rolled over. A small group of pioneers decided that there was a battle to be fought for those who enjoyed cigars and the company of good friends while they smoked them.

Today the UK has many wonderful specialist cigar stores, and in London alone there are over 120 cigar terraces and comfortable outdoor smoking areas (COSA’s)

Cigar smokers can enjoy a cigar and often a drink or a bite to eat all year round despite the country’s  notoriously inclement winter weather.

UK will keep you in touch with all the news from the British cigar scene, we will celebrate the specialists, their staff and the many personalities who enjoy a fine cigar here in one of the world’s most vibrant cigar scenes.

Nic Wing
Proprietor and Editor


Havana 1

Photographic Exhibition at James J Fox

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Lot 266, a pre Embargo cabinet of 100 Ramon Allones Coronas de Lujo cigars.  Estimate £12,000 - £14,000

Online Cigar Auction Goes live with 300 lots

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Nominees for the Cigar Smoker of the Year awards 2015

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